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Who Are Lions

Lions meet the needs of local communities and the world. The 1.35 million members is 206 countries and geographic areas are different in many ways, but all share a core belief – community is what we make it.

Since 1917, Lions have served the world’s population through hard work and commitment to make a difference in the lives of people everywhere. With 1.35 millions members serving in more than 45,000 clubs in 206 countries and geographical areas, Lions Clubs International is the world’s largest services club organization. Lions are recognized worldwide for their service to the blind and visually impaired.

Everywhere we work, we make friends. With children who need schoolbooks, with seniors who need transportation and with people we may never meet.

We’re led by talented, dedicated volunteer leaders from around the world.

Lions are…

  • Members of the world’s largest and most active service club organization.
  • Men and women who believe that by working together they will accomplish far more than would be possible as individuals.
  • Members committed to solving worldwide health and social problems, who realize that solutions are possible when even every Lions Club does its share.
  • People who cherish the fellowship of their own club, but who also feel a close kinship with Lions in over 206 countries and areas throughout the world.
  • Patriotic citizens of their own countries, who, in the global community, strive for a world at peace.
  • Individuals dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards in their club– and in their persona lives.
  • People who are serious about their commitment to humanitarian service, but have fun along the way.
  • Members come from all walks of life and from various backgrounds.

Joining Our Club

If you think this is you and you want to contribute to your local and wider community then please contact one of our club officials. We will be more than pleased to welcome you to one of our monthly meetings where you can meet like minded individuals and have any questions answered to help you make up your mind.

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Volunteer Benefits

Your local Lions Club and Lions Clubs International gives you the opportunity to volunteer locally, or internationally. Make new friends and professional connections. Lead projects that make your community a better place to live. Have fun doing it!

Community Service

You see the joy in people’s hearts and they say thank you, and the smile of a child. It’s all those things that make you realise you’ve done something for your community.

Fun & Friendship

We are not just Lions, we are not just friends, we are family

Leadership Skills

The personal development opportunities are endless. You get to use and develop your talents and skill sets in a breadth of opportunities


We bring together people of different backgrounds, so that we can work together on one single project. And by doing that we are serving our community, and we serve the world

International Service

It gives us a great opportunity to work together as nations, sharing the same projects.

Family Friendly

Lions can be the whole family. It can be everyone, because that’s really what community is – it’s everyone

Opportunities for Young People

Our Leo and Campus clubs are very rewarding and it’s exciting because it’s a very unique opportunity. We have both an international focus and also a local focus

Reasons To Become A Lion

Serve the Community

 Lions are committed to partnering with local leaders and organisations, identifying the unique needs of their communities and surrounding areas, and planning service projects that address those needs. From community clean-up projects to food drives to fundraisers, Lions help people in need who are close to home. We Serve!

Making a Difference

 A small act like collecting recycled glasses may not seem like much at first, but when those glasses are distributed around the world through Lions eyeglass missions that change lives, you’ll soon discover that Lions make a big impact. Lions are everywhere; teaching children to read, responding to disasters, fighting measles, providing clean water, and so much more. Make New Friends Joining a local Lions club is a great way to network with other people in your community and make new friends. Find a special interest club that involves people with the same interests, hobbies and passions. Or consider starting your own club! Serving together can help build relationships that last a lifetime.

Enjoy a Rewarding Experience

There is no greater feeling than making a positive impact on someone’s life. Lions are doing good – for others and for themselves. Learn, Grow and Share Through volunteer work and community service, Lions are learning new things and developing leadership skills. Learn how to plan a food drive and feed the hungry. Learn about the risks of diabetes, and share their knowledge with community members to help them learn healthier lifestyles. LIONS – Making a difference throughout the world, one Lions at a time.

Grow as a Family

Lions clubs offer opportunities for families to volunteer together. Become a Lion with your spouse, children, grandchildren and siblings, and start spending quality time together while serving the community.

Develop Young Leaders

By engaging youth, Lions are helping develop strong leaders for the future. Leo clubs provide youth volunteer opportunities that allow young adults to become involved in community service and begin learning about the impact they can have around the world.

Expand Your Horizons

Lions began as a means for business owners to expand their professional and career contacts. Today Lions membership continues to be a valuable method to network and link with people and groups that can benefit your work, social and personal lives.

Share Your Talents

Every person offers unique talents to any organisation. When we combine our efforts and work towards a common goal, the results are usually mind boggling. Lions’ work is like a gigantic puzzle. Until the last piece is found, the picture is never complete. Your unique piece to the puzzle is a vital part of our community service.

Continue a Club’s Legacy

The work of Lions clubs requires a continuation of effort by many people. As a member you will insure that the service contributed in your community and throughout the world can continue.